Welcome to Pueblo Partisans

Pueblo Partisans is a nongovernmental organization based in Canada and the United States. Its focus is development work with communities in Guatemala.

Pueblo Partisan members have worked collaboratively with Guatemalan communities since 1978.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Please browse through the pages of our website and learn about the work of Pueblo Partisans.

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  • New project launched: Colegio Mixto Monte Real. Read more.
  • Volunteer nurses launch women’s health initiative, Mujeres en Café Guatemala. Read more.
  • Pueblo Partisans supports nursing students. Read more.

The support of the Tula Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.


"We must be with those who have suffered and we must be with those who have tried to prevent suffering. This is the real community: it does not deny differences, but rather enhances and transcends them." -Elie Wiesel